Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year

Not long to go until schools finish for Christmas and come back after a well deserved break in 2017. I hope 2016 has been kind to you, Globally its been rather crazy but Im hoping like a lot of folk this wont continue. Ive personally had a great year with Parson Street in Bedminster, Bristol. A really great school that seems to be out there giving its pupils many great experiences. Ive been working with Miss Read and Mr Bigwood giving pupils some great gardening sessions that has been great fun. 

The school has been a great support and several teachers and the schools Business Manager have  helped in many ways. 

Up until Christmas over the last six weeks we have been looking at seeds and how they work. We've looked at seeds under a magnifying glass to see the beauty they hold and talked about how a seed can also be a flavouring in our foods. We had a great time looking at spices and fruits that can be dried. So we learned about raisins, sultanas and currants and spices such as fennel seeds, mace, cumin, star anise, nutmeg and cloves.